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Need custom software developed for your day to day business needs. We are here to help. With the use of Microsoft .NET Framework, We can build upto the class business applications of your need. Ranging from Data entry application to Document Management Application or Electronic Medical Record Management software.
Our web team is always ready for any assignment. Desiging world class web applicationn that can be viewed in any device. With the Help of PHP or ASP.NET we can build robust and secure web applications that can take your business to international level.
Now a days providing and cosuming service is the part of data processing. Each application is need some data for process or has to send data. eg. Amazon Merchant Service, Papal Services and many other. We are capable for devloping Secure Web Service with ASP.NET, WCF and WEB API providing and consuming XML and JSon Data.
Content Management System are one of most popular web based system to provide dynamic information. Easy to maintain is the key of CMS. Our team has expertise in Wordpress, Joomla and Magento with the help these Open Source framework we can make the most use of it.
Our team is capable of customizing your existing OpenEMR installation. We can add and extend built-in existing features of OpenEMR.
We have on bench data processing professionals who are skilled in data entry, data processing, Backend data processing, Data Migration, etc.

How We Work

We asssign team or individual on your provided task. Who can work based on your provided instructions.
Join hands with you or your existing team to complete a task with specified cost and timeline.

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A free job portal for all. We provide a free web based platform for posting and searching job openings across India. Where our resume database is free for all
A free service to search medical provides arround you and book appointments

Development Models & Methods

Incremental Model

Incremental model in software engineering is a one which combines the elements of waterfall model which are then applied in an iterative manner.

It basically delivers a series of releases called increments which provide progressively more functionality for the client as each increment is delivered.

In incremental model of software engineering, waterfall model is repeatedly applied in each increment. The incremental model applies linear sequences in a required pattern as calendar time passes. Each linear sequence produces an increment in the work.

If there are less number of employees to work on the project Incremental development model is very useful to complete the project before the deadline. In a project early increments can be done with less number of people. In case if the core product is well-defined and understood more employees can be added if needed in the future increments.
of the benefits of Incremental process model is that it can be planned to manage technical risks.

Agile Model

Agile software development is a conceptual framework for undertaking software engineering projects.

Most agile methods attempt to minimize risk by developing software in short timeboxes, called iterations, which typically last one to four weeks. Each iteration is like a miniature software project of its own, and includes all the tasks necessary to release the mini-increment of new functionality: planning, requirements analysis, design, coding, testing, and documentation. While iteration may not add enough functionality to warrant releasing the product, an agile software project intends to be capable of releasing new software at the end of every iteration. At the end of each iteration, the team reevaluates project priorities.

Agile methods emphasize realtime communication, preferably face-to-face, over written documents. Most agile teams are located in a bullpen and include all the people necessary to finish the software. At a minimum, this includes programmers and the people who define the product such as product managers, business analysts, or actual customers. The bullpen may also include testers, interface designers, technical writers, and management.

Agile methods also emphasize working software as the primary measure of progress. Combined with the preference for face-to-face communication, agile methods produce very little written documentation relative to other methods.